Camp Kirk understands the delicate balance needed between coaching and developing independence

What a relief to find Camp Kirk!  

Our 11 year old son had been interested in overnight camps.  Although he'd camped with his school and with family, this felt like a big step.  We looked for a camp that would meet his needs (high functioning ASD).  

At Camp Kirk, we found staff who were completely understanding with every aspect of our son's social, emotional and physical well being. They understand the delicate balance needed between coaching and developing independence.    

We had the pleasure of meeting with counsellors in advance and visiting the camp. The site is well laid out and not overcrowded. 
He was desperate to zip-line but equally apprehensive.  He did it!  

He was so proud of himself and also amazed himself by rock-climbing. 
The beach day was terrific and music at the camp fire was always a hit.

Our son continued to learn that a busy day requires restorative periods. The scheduled rest periods were great, but when further breaks were needed, the staff guided him towards recharging in ways that worked for him. 

Camp Kirk was a step in the right direction for our son's confidence and sense of belonging.  

Carolyn S.

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