Her self esteem sky-rocketed!

Camp is something that both my husband and I grew up attending.
We always knew we wanted our children to have the same growth opportunities.

Camp provides an unbelievable learning and growing opportunity for any child.
When your child has an exceptionality it can be harder to find somewhere that you feel will meet their needs; physical, social, physiological and emotional.

Camp Kirk provided that space for our daughter this summer.

At 6, she attended her first summer of overnight camp! She was very excited to go off and have her own experience after hearing all about ours.

For ten days she lived with a dynamic group of cabin mates, enhanced her empathy skills, learned new skills, tried new things and her self esteem sky-rocketed!

We received one postcard while she was away-"I love camp! Can I stay?".

When we picked her up she was beaming.

She looked, and acted, like she had grown and matured more in ten days than in her entire school year.

She still talks about camp, and has already started counting the days until next summer!
Camp Kirk is a magical place, and one that as a family, we are so blessed to be a part of!

Amanda F. 2015

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