He's seeing his own success and pride in something new

Matthew* came home today from Camp Kirk, exhausted, smelly, filthy - and the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face (and that includes Christmas!).

He told one of the other kids later today that he misses his councillor from camp so much already that he feels like he is going to cry!

He won a medal for archery and he went down the water slide- and he rang the bell on the rock wall!!

These are seemingly all small things to most- but to him- to us- he's identifying his emotions, and articulating them, he's seeing his own success and pride in something new- and is excited to share it with others. 

He has built friendships with meaning - that are more then in that moment when there in front of him.
He has asked if there is anyway he can go back tomorrow- we are hopeful for the coming summer!!

And most of all HE is hopeful for the future... Thank you to all of you that helped make this possible for him!!

Facebook Message, July 2015

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and their families.

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