He became a more outgoing kid and tried all kinds of new adventures

Driving into camp for the first time we were greeted by counsellors and campers alike.

Joshua* had never been to an overnight camp before and arrived with some trepidation, a few tears, and promised us that he would try it next year if he could go home NOW!

After meeting his cabin mates and jumping in the pool he was whisked away by his arts and craft counsellor to create some special art.

We left for Ohio, and by the time we got home, Joshua was all about Camp Kirk.

All at once he became a more outgoing kid with peers and counsellors and tried all kinds of new adventures like the big bungee jump and even varieties of yummy food.

Full days flew by, so next year we think a longer camp session or perhaps two sessions will be great.

Mary K. 2015
* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and their families.

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