Finding their Sweet spot

On advice of a good friend I checked out Camp Kirk for my twins.   Being 8 years old with high functioning ASD and ADHD they had always had problems fitting in.

I had tried my best to keep them involved with our local scouts group and let them experience new things but always needed to provide them with extra support to make that work.

Their needs were challenging for me to manage so I couldn’t imagine there would be a place that I could send them to that could meet their needs.

Often as a result of their similar needs the twins were treated like a unit rather then an individual.   They had started school in separate classes but after being identified they have ended up together in a small community class.

As a family we try to give them time to explore different things but often they end up together.

At the closing of our home visit with Henri, he told us that Andrew* and Christopher* would be in separate cabins.   Wow amazing the thought was almost too good to be true, not only was this camp going to be able to support their needs but also give them an individual experience.

I dropped the twins off excited and nervous, not knowing how successful this would be.
The boys were excited too and couldn’t wait to start their new adventure.

I had not been away from the twins for more then a weekend.   I returned to pick them up 9 days later and was welcomed by a big hug and tears and questions of next year can we come to a longer session?

Finally Andrew and Christopher had found a place where they belonged. 
A place where they could be themselves and have so many wonderful new experiences.

The following days and weeks were filled with countless stories and happy memories.

Stories of how they were able to try new things like pottery and karate and spend time doing some of their favourite things like swimming and archery.

They also told me about work on finding their “sweet spot” or safe place to go to cool down when things were not going their way and how they needed to find a sweet spot everywhere so that they could manage their emotions better.

The staff are amazing and all have their own unique strength that they shared with the boys.

Before leaving the camp both of the boys wanted to make sure they said goodbye to everyone but hope to see them again next summer.

Christophers' favourite shirt is his Camp Kirk shirt because it brings back so many happy memories.

Donna 2015

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and their families.

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