Aspergers syndrome and ADHD - some differences that are really a challenge, especially around making friends

Coles' first year at camp was scary for me. 

He was 11 years old and I was worried that he wouldn't fit in and that he would be too afraid to stay. 

Cole has some differences that we celebrate, and some differences that are really a challenge for him especially around making friends. 
He wants friends. He wants to belong. He wants to be accepted. It always seems to go wrong, because he needs support and is constantly learning how.

Cole has Aspergers syndrome and ADHD. He's a pretty lonely guy. During his first year he was homesick sometimes but received loads of support and encouragement and he made it through. It was important for him to feel that independence. 

When he arrived home he cried that he wanted us to drive him back (true story). He made friends, he belonged and he was accepted. He said they made him feel special and liked. 

He returned this year for his second time at camp and we felt completely at ease. He ran in and barely said goodbye to us. 

There was his independence again! 

He went on the camp out this time and tried everything. Cole had lots of tears when he came home again. It was hard to say goodbye to Camp Kirk. 

He'll be there next year, and if he has it his way it will be for two sessions. 

Shannon - Cole's Mom

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