The confidence he built from those years at Camp made all the difference in the world

"I just wanted to speak on behalf of my two amazing boys Jesse and Mikail and how much Camp Kirk has impacted their lives. 

From the minute Jesse was little he was as busy as could be and never stopped. I thought he was gifted which he is but there was so many underlying issues awaiting for me. As he got older I started to put him into various camps in the summer and everyone would call and tell me he does not follow the rules and boundaries. 

I struggled for a long time trying to find the proper setting for Jesse and it was not until I heard about Camp Kirk that I finally found a life changing environment for him. 

School was always horrible for Jesse as he would spend most of his day being told not to be the way he just naturally was. 

He could not help the way he was which in my eyes was perfect but nobody else could see that until I introduced Jesse to Camp Kirk. 

He went for his first session and the rest does not need any words for. 

 Jesse spent almost every summer at Camp Kirk and left when he was just turning 15. 

 The confidence he built from those years at Camp made all the difference in the world. 

Jesse met his best friend at Camp Kirk and is at present attending his third year of college/university. 

He still talks about all the memories he has of Camp Kirk. 

My second son Mikail also attends Camp Kirk and at 13 he is going into his fifth year of camp. 

Mikail has been diagnosed with LD, ADHD and Aspersers and did face bullying in school on a regular basis but when he started to go to Camp Kirk his self confidence and his self esteem became stronger and he started to advocate for himself and others. 

Mikial has a big heart and is always willing to help out the other campers when he goes. Just the past summer Mikail was the cabin leader of his cabin and gained wonderful leadership skills. 

Mikail is already looking forward to going back to Camp Kirk to be himself. 

Mikail is off to high school next year in the regular main stream and I know we have Camp Kirk to thank for part of this because they too helped Mikail see what he could and is able to accomplish.

School was always a struggle for both Jesse and Mikail but with the help of Camp Kirk it has made their lives so much better. 

As a single parent with two incredible children it has made all the difference in the world to have someone else see all the potential that I see in my children. 

I cannot thank Camp Kirk enough and I don’t think I ever will be able to.

Just to see them grow and know that someone else cared and loved my children like I did means all the difference in the world"

Jesse and Mikail’s Mom
Marilyn Lewis

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